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Surface Structure Analysis

Geologic interpretation of surface structure from airborne or satellite data focuses on mapping folds, faults, and major fracture zones as manifested in the surficial rocks. Satellite data provide a synoptic view of large areas which permits the detection of large structural features and regional relationships that have escaped previous recognition. Stereo air photos provide high resolution, 3-D views enabling detailed structural analysis. The approach relies heavily upon standard photo interpretation techniques plus a solid foundation in structural geology and tectonics. Mapped surface and subsurface faults and structures are digitized and are included in the interpretation as a GIS layer. The strike and dip of beds and the direction of throw on the faults are mapped where discernable. Existing maps serve as reference during the interpretation and are modified as necessary. The synoptic view of the satellite or airborne images allows us to cover large areas at scales up to 1:24,000 in a very short time.

Structural Interpretation