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About Us

Front Range Natural Resources LLC explores for oil and natural gas, onshore,
in the United States. It exploits data acquired by satellite and aircraft
with innovative proprietary technologies to reduce costs and enhance the
value of conventional geologic and geophysical data. The company blends
the technical and creative talents of the Front Range Natural Resources' discovery
team with the talents of other proven oil finders to increase the likelihood
of success and reduce the cost and time of exploration.

The company's unique characteristic is that it can examine large areas
very quickly and rapidly select those areas with the highest exploration
potential. Four elements set the company apart and insure success: 1) a
world-renown staff, 2) a unique business model, 3) an approach that combines
cutting-edge proprietary technology with innovative application of the best
of conventional technology, and 4) an extensive library of exploration
projects and leads that can be rapidly converted to prospects. We use our
proprietary technology as a regional evaluation lead tool to explore
promising basins ahead of industry, as a tool for screening prospects
developed by others, and as an edge for favorable farm-in terms.

Currently, John Everett and Ron Staskowski direct exploration and form
the core of the discovery group. The Front Range Natural Resources technical
team and selected individuals from the exploration industry with
demonstrated track records of discovery in specific regions complete the
group. The company is a fusion of demonstrated discovery ability, creative
geological thinking, and cutting edge exploration technology.